20 Ways to Make Money With Drone

Make Money With Drone: Thanks to today’s technology, small unmanned aerial vehicles can be used in many areas more widely than in the past. In particular, quadcopter robotic helicopters such as the DJI Phantom series appear almost everywhere. Of course, cameras have also come a long way by taking advantage of the blessings of technology. They are now smaller, and lighter, with higher resolutions, and much better lenses. Now, by combining these two, it is possible to have fun and earn money by making videos cheaply with sophisticated use.

Unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras are called drones for short, and these devices are preparing to help the change and development of various sectors. It is certain that this market will grow even more in the coming years. Now share YouTube videos on Snapchat, and know how the new feature will work

Here are twenty ways, ideas, and applications where you can potentially make money with the drone–video combination that can be used by entrepreneurs:

20. Aerial Cartography

Digital photogrammetric mapping and orthophotography services are performed using drones, resulting in huge savings. Since drones can fly slower and lower, they are more preferred than large and traditional aircraft.

19. Creating a YouTube Channel and Monetizing It

Drone videos are very popular right now, and many YouTube channel owners like Team BlackSheep continue to gain massive subscribers by uploading simple videos shot by remote-controlled aircraft in interesting and unique places around the world.

Making money on YouTube is not difficult at all: increase your channel followers and video views in a variety of ways: Promote your products, drive traffic to an online store or website, sell video advertising, use product placement, or report check out YouTube. Affiliate Program! Infinix Note 10 Pro Review: Display, Design, & Features

18. Intelligence About Competitors

Aerial reconnaissance began to be used by firms to gather information about their competitors. Size and capacity of production facilities, number of employees, business areas, etc. Intelligence can now be made using small and low-cost drones.

17. Conservation, Landscaping, and Compliance

Using drone video, biologists and researchers observe a variety of animals, from birds to polar bears. In addition, drones are related to the implementation of environmental laws; They use to identify activities such as illegal logging, smuggling of harmful substances, and poaching, and to identify those responsible. Digital Twin – Internet of Things (IoT) Tells the Future

16. Cargo

Amazon came up with the idea of ​​delivering commercial goods via drones, and the idea began to spread like a virus all over the world. Drones continue to be used in many areas such as the delivery of emergency medicines, small but important mechanical parts, and confidential documents.

15. Disaster Relief

Drones continue to provide real-time video images for residential areas that are badly affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes and where access by land is impossible. Today, the civil protection and civil protection authorities in Central America have hired several pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles to provide them with assistance and assistance after several very strong earthquakes. Drones are still in use at the site of the Daiichi nuclear power plant, which began melting three years ago in Fukushima, Japan. Radiation in this region poses a serious threat to humans and scientists who have to work in this area. As mentioned above, larger drones are also used by humanitarian organizations to safely deliver medicine, food, and water to victims who cannot be reached.

14. Make Money with Filming

Filmmakers realized that well-equipped drones, capable of carrying cameras used in cinema, were a more convenient and versatile option for better shooting a variety of scenes, compared to similar vehicles such as a camera-mounted crane for filming. 6 Psychological Principles That Will Increase Your Turnover

13. Make Money with Drone Advertising

Although drone advertising is a very new field, many brands and businesses will want to take advantage of it in the near future. Click for detailed information about drone advertising.

12. Small-Scale Video Sites

Many entrepreneurs can offer a variety of services and performances shot by drones on small-scale video exchange websites. Customers are purchasing creative and personalized video services that are used to send private messages to their family, friends, and customers, as well as for marketing and promotion. Video footage shot using drones has not yet become widespread on such sites. With a little creativity, you can offer unique drone video services for birthdays, get well soon, congratulations, URL promotion, and brand awareness. 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Business

11. Make Money with News Broadcast

Drones are increasingly being used by journalists and those who want to broadcast news. There are some very familiar examples where small drones are used to receive broadcasts from areas of conflict, war, civil unrest, accident, and disaster. UAVs allow journalists to report from a safe distance from dangerous situations and can also reach the area much faster and less costly than a helicopter usually used commercially. Yes, those who take pictures of celebrities now also use small drones.

10. Pipe and Power Line Inspection

Various companies include commercial aircraft such as airplanes and helicopters; They used it to survey hundreds of miles of power lines, towers, stations, and oil and gas pipelines. Drones are now being replaced by larger aircraft to make these routine inspections cheaper, which can be dangerous for pilots and observers.

9. Precision Agriculture

Using drones in precision agriculture and crop inspection is much more attractive than using expensive commercial aircraft. Small unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with special cameras capable of capturing certain wavelengths can detect different colors that indicate the general health of crops in the field. UAVs can be used to verify, diagnose problems in related areas and even start treatment in specific areas. When farmers inspect their crops using drones, they gain benefits such as higher yields, reduced crop damage, and lower costs.

8. Make Money with Real Estate Videos

This may be the best opportunity for entrepreneurs with experience in flying drones. Realtors realized that low-altitude footage shot by drones helped them sell properties and homes quickly. In addition, real estate agents working with UAV video companies also state that their customers are increasing.

7. Holiday and Hotel Advertising

Similar to the real estate videos above, what else can a drone provide for an aerial view of a hotel’s excellent location and wonderful facilities?

It is true that in some periods when hotels and resorts are trying to attract customers by advertising, those offering unique video images have a larger market share and attract more customers than others.

An entrepreneur who shoots videos with UAVs, Cozumel, and Cancun both takes a free vacation in Mexico and fly his drone to prepare new advertising campaigns for hotels.

Who wouldn’t want to travel with your video camera, take a vacation, and get paid?

6. Search and Rescue

When Virginia resident Guillermo DeVenecia went missing recently, police and search teams began searching for the 82-year-old man, who suffered from dementia and hearing loss.

Hundreds of volunteers searched for three days with search dogs and a helicopter flying over the densely forested area, but no traces were found. Concerns began to arise for the man’s safety, and Fitchburg police informed the public of the missing man.

David Lesh found DeVenecia in just 20 minutes with a drone.

5. Security

Videos taken by drones to detect undesirables and document theft are being used to protect sensitive areas. An entrepreneur was hired to protect large aquaculture (commercial fishing areas). It had a total flight area of ​​150 acres, and the thermal imaging camera-equipped drone was able to detect fish theft even at night. Evaluating the situation the company was in, hiring 5-6 security guards for this entire area, instead of hoping that they would be evenly distributed throughout the region, it preferred to find effective solutions to its problems by hiring someone who uses a drone. We think that this entrepreneur has one of the best jobs in the world for now.

4. Sports and Event Cameraman

This is a new area of ​​use where drones record sporting events from the air. We have witnessed drones being used in many events, from the Olympics to the Boston Marathon. There is no event that cannot be recorded from the air in any city, region, or country.

3. Building Inspections and Site Data

During the recent flood in Bosnia and Herzegovina, various historical relics were flooded and devastated. Various UAV operators have volunteered to provide footage with drones for public safety. This allowed law enforcement officials and structural engineers to view roads and bridges they couldn’t easily reach to assess the damage. As a result, one or more of these pilots were constantly selling their footage to local news channels and were also receiving salaries from various public companies.

Construction companies and architects who run large construction projects hire drone operators to shoot videos of them to measure and report. Insurance companies also use drones to inspect areas that are hard for people to access, so they don’t put their employees at risk.

2. Make Money with Surveillance and Special Research

I recently read an article online about drones being used to screen cheating spouses in New York City, USA. I wasn’t too sure about drones being used in this way because the drones’ engines make a lot of noise while flying, so the risk of going unnoticed is very low. However, UAVs can certainly be used in some specific methods of special research.

1. Make Money with Wedding Videos

Capturing unique aerial images from various angles is something only certain drones can do. And this business has now become one of the favorite services of newly married couples. Outdoor wedding venues usually have very beautiful views, and drones can take advantage of this view to shoot more beautiful and special videos than ever before.

Please note that this article is designed to appeal to readers from all regions. In some regions, drone flights may be prohibited and restricted, or you may be asked for a certificate for the flight. We recommend that you pay attention to this issue. In addition, human safety issues are not discussed in this article, but this is definitely an issue that should be considered in UAV flights. Vehicles may injure people during flight or collide with other UAVs flying in the same airspace. Please always keep your own and others’ safety in mind first and foremost.

Have an idea or experience that can help you make money using a camera-equipped drone? You can share it with us in the comment section.

We know that flying with drones can be a bit controversial, especially when it comes to safety and regulations, but it is possible to make money legally without inconveniencing anyone.

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