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3 benefits of digital marketing that artists need to know

3 benefits of digital marketing that artists need to know: It is no secret that we live in a digital age, also called the information age. This is why to be an artist it is not only enough to have the talent, discipline, and practice, it is also essential to know how to use the tools that exist today in order to promote your art and sell yourself as a professional you are.

Benefits of digital marketing that artists need to know

It does not matter if you are an actor, dancer, visual artist, musician, or writer, if you want to live from your art or generate income from it, you are going to need digital marketing as the main tool to attract potential clients, grow your audience and sell yourself as an artist, but especially to create your brand or digital identity, which is the most important thing. Content Marketing Statistics for 2022

To create your brand as an artist you must have an online presence, and by this, we not only refer to social networks, but also to a website, which is your “home” in the digital world. If you do not have knowledge of new technologies, you may be wondering, how do I do that? But what you don’t know is that having a website has never been so easy, since with platforms like  WordPress you can easily administer and manage the contents of a website without any programming knowledge.

However, to have a website it is not only enough to buy the domain (the name of your page) and know how to use WordPress, you must also hire a “hosting” company, a service to which you associate your domain and where your website goes to “ to live”. For this, we use Bluehost as it has good offers and allows you to register several pages at once. Once you have a registered website, we recommend you start writing blog posts and make use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a technique in which you use keywords within your niche (target audience) in order to position your website. on Google or other search engines. This focuses on organic (unpaid) search results. Affiliate marketing for Amazon 2022-Everything You Need to Know

Social media is also a great way to build an audience and grow your art business. But you must know which are the most viable for the content you offer and you must also learn to use them correctly. And of course, if you want to get followers who believe in what you have to offer, you must know how to get them. For this, there are several methods, which are essential when implementing your social media strategy.

As an artist and owner of your own business, you should get hands-on with the business side of the industry, either by hiring an expert in the field or learning yourself, but you should never ignore digital marketing in this age to boost your career. That is why we have listed the 4 main benefits of digital marketing for artists and creatives so that you can start working on your artistic business right away. How to Make Money as a Blogger with Affiliate Marketing- Complete Guide

It is more profitable than traditional marketing

With a small investment in digital marketing, you can get better results than with a large investment in any type of traditional marketing. You can reach thousands of people with the push of a button. Amazing, right? You can take advantage of the benefits of Facebook or Instagram Ads to promote your Facebook or Instagram page, or you can invest in an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign to attract people to your website. The investment in digital translates into conversions, which are the behaviors that you want the user to carry out, either in subscriptions to your list or in sales.

If you are a visual artist, you do not have to wait for a gallery to welcome you to start your career, you can advance by selling your art online through websites such as Etsy, DeviantArt, and ArteLista, ArteNet, among others. And if you’re a performing artist, musician, or writer, instead of waiting for your next audition, performance, or lyric exhibition, you can make yourself and your work known through your website and social media.

Greater interaction and connection

The internet not only allows you to open your market to the whole world but also to connect with people in a more natural and immediate way. You can instantly interact with people in the same “niche” who are looking for what you have to offer. Social networks are an excellent way to achieve this and to be close to your audience or fans, creating a unique experience with direct and effective treatment. But beware, not all social networks are viable for what you want to do. You must choose which one best suits your needs and those of your potential customers. For artists in general, Instagram and Facebook are essential. For writers, for example, Twitter can be a good option and for designers or photographers, Pinterest is recommended. For this, you must first investigate your market and thus decide which ones you are going to use.

You must keep in mind that what you publish should not only focus on you but on your audience. Your content can range from images of your works/music/acting/dance to videos of your creative process and educational tutorials. Always keep in mind to add value to your followers.

Creating a blog on your website with content that adds value to users in your niche is also a good idea/strategy. With this, you can get to create a community of readers, which can later become your customers. The fastest and most effective way to convert your readers into customers is by inviting them to subscribe to your email contact list. Once you have subscribers in your database, you can start to carry out an Email Marketing strategy, that is, send newsletters with links to your blog entries and/or offers to your products and/or services (your art). But, how do I get users to enter my blog? Well, through SEO, the technique that we mentioned above.

To build an audience, you need to regularly deliver fresh content, be it visual, audiovisual, or informational, to them for free.

We live in a mobile/remote world

Thanks to the internet and its evolution, a large percentage of adults always carry a cell phone with them, which has become an extension of themselves. Although this may be viewed negatively by some people, like everything in life, everything negative has something positive, and this action is a huge benefit for people who use digital marketing to promote their brand. How to be a Pro at Digital Marketing in 2022- Complete Guide

Most people use their cell phones “on the go”, that is, while they are on the move, so the opportunity you have to connect with your audience & attract them to get to know your brand, thanks to mobile phones with internet, is more direct. , effective and immediate.

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