3 Best Gimbals for Sony A7iii

Are you looking for the Best Gimbals for Sony A7iii? Well, this time, we will be shedding light on the best gimbal for Sony a7iii. And why we have chosen this topic is not a surprise. After all, the Sony a7ii is one of the best cameras anyone can get for capturing live scenes perfectly.


However, support gears are required to improve the capacity of this camera. And despite previous variations of a7, the a7iii seems to be prominent with additional features such as full frame camera function. Many people think that the camera is not up to the task due to its low megapixels, but that it needs more pixels when the existing ones can work miracles.

Our platform always recommends gimbals, which suit most camera features. This is one of the reasons why you are always told about your team’s ideas. So when considering Sony a7iii, it is to confirm that the equipment is suitable for all types of photographers.

And whatever the purpose, this model is pretty impressive at capturing anything that comes in the way. For example, the model has a 24MP CMOS sensor lens, which can cover 93% autofocus. The 10 fps helps to shoot sequentially smoothly. Likewise, the touch screen option as well as the USB 3.1 Type C port provide superb performance whenever the camera is on.

Best Gimbals for Sony A7iii

Now if you are thinking about why we are talking about the features at the beginning when this article is about the most suitable gimbals for Sony a7iii? So first you need to understand that without knowing the basic features, you cannot buy a great gimbal for your camera. It is not a spell, but simple logic to understand what or which gimbal can be easily attached to your product.

But enough for now, right? Let’s jump into the main course now.

1. Zhiyun Crane V2 – Best Gimbals for Sony A7iii

Our first pick is none other than the Zhiyun V2 crane. Yes, we know we recommend it most of the time, but do you know what the real reason is? It is the simple integration that this gimbal has. In other words, Crane 2 can be connected to most cameras.

Zhiyun Crane V2

And the best thing is that it does not lose its charm. You can record videos or click images with great comfort and ease. So if you are looking for the best gimbal for Sony a7iii, then the Crane 2 should be the first name on your shopping list due to various reasons.

Crane V2

First of all, Crane V2 can hold a maximum weight of about 1.28 kilograms or 2.2 pounds. This confirms that this gimbal is ideal for all mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony a7iii. And the best thing is that if you get the latest firmware, this gimbal can hold even more payload which goes up to 1.8 kilograms.

The gimbal comes with a brushless motor and can rotate all the way to 360 degrees. So with this gimbal, your a7iii becomes a war machine in the field of image or video capture. The 360-degree rotation feature is too smooth and easy to control via the toggle button.

Adjusting the camera on this gimbal is exceedingly easy. In addition, it is possible to receive shots on the move through the Crane V2. This feature is a great way to add more life to your movies, videos, or photos. Crane V2 senses every change that occurs every 0.02 degrees. So when you buy this gimbal for your a7iii, you basically ask for highly effective sensitivity to ensure your needs are met without wasting your time and energy.

And with everything else, you can control your shots via your smartphone via the smart app. And once you do, the results will make you fall in love with this gimbal.

2. Crane 3 LAB by Zhiyun – Best Crane Gimbals for Sony A7iii

Here’s another one from Zhiyun’s house. You can surely consider this as the best gimbal for Sony a7iii because it has a lot of potentials. It has a remarkable structure that allows you to hold it smoothly and without tiring your hand, even if your current project requires hours of filming. Crane 3 LAB is a work of art because it saves your effort and gives you countless flexibilities.

Several gimbal users have confirmed that this product has been a boon to them. And by considering this gimbal for your Sony a7iii, it leaves you free to capture things in the craziest ways.

Crane 3 LAB by Zhiyun

The design of the Crane 3 LAB is something that the market has previously lacked. So, can you imagine a wireless transmission of your image and videos? Of course, you can’t because this feature was not present in the market before. But thanks to Crane 3 LAB for introducing it for the first time.

With this new feature, you can control zoom, focus, touch, and other features through wireless FHD image transmission. This wireless feature also allows you to stream videos up to 1080P. So if you are a serious filmmaker, and want to leave a dent in the industry, then go for this one.

The gimbal is compatible with most cameras including your Sony a7iii. It has huge axle arms compared to other gimbals, which can hold more weight. So curious to know the maximum weight that can be put on this gimbal. The answer is 10 pounds. So isn’t it amazing?

Zoom and focus control

And if you think the list of features is over, you are certainly wrong because this gimbal comes with an ‘Aviation Grade Motor’, which has a lot of benefits such as noise reduction up to 50% and 100% torque. improved. In addition, it has an improved slew rate of 150% to mobilize zoom and focus control in flawless harmony. Do you know what this means? Spend less time editing your stuff.

And all these features can be controlled through the smartphone app. However, you can also control the features by simply integrating the gimbal with your tablet. So we are sure that you will not be such an outstanding gimbal in the whole industry. So if you want to increase your demand as a professional photographer or filmmaker, make sure to grab this one.

3. WEEBILL LAB by Zhiyun – Best Gimbals for Sony A7iii

Next in line is the all-time prominent WEEBILL LAB by Zhiyun. It is considered to be one of the smallest gimbals by manufacturers, yet the most powerful to handle all the work of it. It not only looks but the overall structure is firm enough to be considered the best gimbal for Sony a7iii. The design appears to be superb when it comes to grip.

So as an a7iii user, you can hold it in your palms without losing strength, and you can simply use the tripod mount feature to make sure you don’t get low on the grip. The WEEBILL is without a doubt the best you can get in a small size to experience the unique and effortless ride.


Many gimbals do not provide balance when mirrorless cameras are attached to them. This does not give anything except various problems in collecting raw footage, as well as, during editing. So what’s most poignant is the inclusion of a latch on each axle to make sure balance is never compromised.

You can easily lock the shaft to ensure the correct balance while you’re at the gig. Not only does this save a lot of time, but it even allows you to use the same axis position for the next round. A strong fit is powerful to stay the way you kept it.

Wireless image transmission

And yes, this gimbal also comes with wireless image transmission to help you monitor everything in real-time. However, what is more, exciting is the parameter and frame control option that your a7ii outperforms. Now the question is how it works in real-time, or what devices can be integrated to see the results live?

To be honest, what we liked most about this product is the unlimited freedom to see what is happening in real-time. And aside from your smartphone, the device can be connected to tablets, and other devices to ensure you’re never constrained when it comes to managing shots on the spot. Therefore, the real-time parameter is a way to capture and record shots from all possible angles.

Now, if you are worried about the payload this gimbal can handle, then we recommend you kick back and take a cold pill. You see, although the weight of this gimbal is equal to the weight of any smartphone gimbal – low and easy to carry – but it can hold a camera up to 3 kgs (6.6 lbs). So that’s really good news because you can go with your Sony a7iii without any hindrance.

However, the finest and best feature that this gimbal pack is the focus. Yes! Now you can jump, run, walk, sit or do whatever you want to do while shooting without worrying about focus. It’s because the gimbal has smooth focus control that comes with a touch wheel right on the body. This keeps your object always in focus.

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