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7 Google Assistant commands that can make your work routine easier

Through simple voice commands, Google’s virtual assistant can bring more efficiency and practicality to everyday work; learn more about it below!

Google Assistant has several functions that can optimize the daily life of Android mobile users – including at work. The service has the “routines” feature, which initiates activities, which can be pre-defined or customized, via voice command. Thus, the platform can perform actions daily for you, without having to touch the screen or even see the contents, since it reads them aloud. Here are seven Google Assistant functions that can make your work routine more convenient. How to stay positive when looking for a job?

1. Display news of the day

With Google Assistant, you can stay informed about the news of the day, even if you don’t have time to read it. It is possible, for example, to include the habit in the “Good morning” routine and, when activating the command, the virtual assistant will automatically present a summary of the latest events in the world, in audios lasting from 2 to 20 minutes. The app has some registered sources, but it is also possible to remove them or add new vehicles in the settings — just go to “News”.

The feature also works even if it is not saved in any of the application’s routines, which can be a good option for those who only want to use it sporadically. When you start the app and say “Listen to news”, or set an automatic start time, audios with the latest happenings will be played. To control the audio, you can use the commands “pause”, “resume”, “next” and “previous”.

2. Find navigation routes

The virtual assistant also has a GPS function, which facilitates the process of finding routes when leaving home for work. The app already features, for example, the “On the way to work” routine, with actions that will inform the best route. Thus, it is not necessary to enter the departure and arrival locations daily, just activate the voice command to navigate and view the fastest and congestion-free routes. You can also configure the app so that routes start automatically at a specific time.

The feature can be used for more than one destination, such as the way back home. To enter addresses, simply go to Google Assistant settings, tap You – Your Personal Information & Preferences > Your Places, and add the location you want. Apple Watch SE 44mm Review

3. Call and send messages

The function of calling and sending messages from the Google Assistant can also be a great ally in the work routine, since, with it, it is not necessary to access the agenda to contact other people. Just say “Call [Contact Name]” and the call will start instantly. Step by step is similar to sending messages, just say “Send a message to [Contact Name]” and the wizard will allow you to choose between SMS or WhatsApp. Then, just dictate the content out loud for him to register the text and send it.

Another option is to create routines in the app for cases where you need to talk to contact on a recurring basis. For example, you can set the “I need help” routine and, whenever it is activated, the Google Assistant will automatically call your boss. How Can I Check my phone for malware and Viruses? 10 Best antivirus apps

4. Set alarms

The functionality to set alarms is also available and, with that, it is possible to create a routine for your nights, for example. The app already has this option in its initial settings, and to activate it, just say “Sleeptime”. After that, the service asks what time the alarm time should be set, as well as playing relaxing sounds for sleep, and lets you know if the battery needs to be recharged for the next day.

This alarm clock setting is another action that can also be performed without being linked to a routine, in case you have an isolated need or are in a moment of urgency. Just say “Set alarm” and the assistant will ask for the time to register.

5. Check and configure the schedule

Another feature that the app presents in the “Good morning” routine is the option to check the agenda. Thus, it is possible to listen to daily appointments before leaving for work, for example. Google’s virtual assistant reads aloud each task and the respective time, in order to keep users informed of all the activities to be done.

It is also possible to listen to appointments at any time of the day, without being linked to a routine command. To do this, just say “Check schedule” or configure it so that they are read at a specific time. On occasions when you need to create an event, say “Configure schedule”, and then choose a name, date, and time for it to be registered. The best strategy games for Android

6. Check temperature

To check the weather, just access the app and say “Weather forecast”. The assistant will say out loud how many degrees are doing where you are, in addition to the characteristics of the sky and the maximum temperature that the day will be able to record. The feature can also be started within a routine, such as “Good morning” so that users leave the house prepared for cold, heat, or rain.

In addition, it is possible to check the temperature in a specific location, even if it is not there. To do this, just say “Weather forecast [Place name]” and all information can be heard normally.

7. Create a custom command

To create a routine in Google Assistant, go to settings and tap Routines > + New. After that, just give it a name and add a start condition, which could be “When I talk to Google Assistant ”, “At a specific time” or “Sunrise or sunset”. When opting for the first option, choose the phrase that will trigger the command, which should be simple and short to facilitate the process.

Then, you can enter the actions that the application will take on the command. In the case of creating the “Meeting Time”, for example, it is possible to define that cell phone notifications will be silenced and music paused, which will increase the concentration of the moment. Finally, tap on “Save”. It is important to say that the actions must be compatible with the Google Assistant system, that is, if they are too specific, they may not work.

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