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8 Best Android Productivity Apps That You Must Have Installed On Your Phone 2022!

In this article, you will get to know about the 8 best Android productivity apps that can help with your work and personal time management.

We all have a bunch of apps on our phones that we don’t use but don’t want to delete. It’s just not worth the hassle of finding them again, right?

Luckily, there are some great apps out there that can help you with productivity; you only need one. You can save a lot of time with these apps.

These apps are capable of managing your tasks by setting reminders, creating task lists, and sending you notifications so that you never miss out on anything again.

If you’re looking to boost your productivity and get more done each day, be sure to give these apps a try.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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IFTTT-Best Android Productivity Apps

One of the most exciting productivity apps for Android is IFTTT. You can create recipes using the app that directs different apps to perform different actions at different times.

It takes practically any task and automates it on your phone. For people who use smart lights and other IoT devices, this is a necessity. Additionally, you may make quick decisions like having your Instagram photographs automatically save to Dropbox.

Although it is strong, there is a learning curve. With a few quick Google searches, you can locate many pre-made recipes.

IFTTT is a little more user-friendly than Tasker, which is also a fantastic programme for this kind of thing.

2. LastPass and LastPass Authenticator

LastPass User-protechbay

In addition to being one of the top productivity tools, LastPass is also a top security app. They store your login information for other websites there.

After that, you log in using it. You may create more complex passwords with it, log in more quickly, and you won’t need to remember your password for every website you visit.

That lessens a lot of the discomfort associated with performing things like that. A LastPass Authenticator app is also available, adding an extra layer of security.

The app’s free version meets the majority of your needs, but to access all the features, you’ll need the $24 annual membership.

3.      Tick Tick

TickTick - task manager app-protechbay

The task organiser and to-do list app TickTick have a nice user interface. You may add tasks and subtasks, establish due dates and reminders, and even share them with other team members using TickTick.

The application is made to make task management structured and uncluttered. It offers a number of settings (such as lists, tasks and subtasks, priority level, and tags) to help you better organise your tasks, maintain the clarity of your priorities, and always produce superior results.

4. Slack

Slack-Best Android Productivity Apps

The finest business chat app right now is unquestionably Slack. Both voice and text chats are supported. Google Drive, Asana, and other productivity tools are also integrated.

Additionally, support for Giphy is included in case you want to have some fun. We can create an almost infinite number of channels. Teams can then separate and discuss their projects in private. It really is that potent.

Additionally, smaller teams can use the software for as long as necessary to showcase it for free. The official Slack website makes it simple to explore the various pricing options.

5.Google tasks

Google Tasks - online to do list

Google Tasks is Google’s in-house task management system. For those seeking a to-do list app with a plain interface and simple style, this one is excellent.

Although it appears to be a simple to-do list manager, its integration with Gmail and Google Calendar makes it a useful tool. You can create tasks using Google Tasks from within an email and then connect them to your calendar.

Additionally, you may keep track of deadlines by setting reminders and due dates.

6.Rescue Time

RescueTime-Best Android Productivity Apps

Apps that track time can help you reclaim lost minutes.

RescueTime is a time management tool for keeping track of computer activity, open windows, websites visited, and software utilised so you can assess how you spend your time at work and take the action.

RescueTime offers sophisticated capabilities like measuring breaks, calls, and meetings, in addition to its basic time monitoring functionality.

It even offers a website blocking tool and on-screen reminders to keep you focused and on top of your tasks.

7. Focus List

Focus list as Focusing apps

The app FocusList combines the functions of a daily planner and a focus tool. The Pomodoro technique serves as the foundation for the software. This app’s goal is to improve your day-to-day planning, focus, and time management.

It is unquestionably among the best techniques for a professional to stay on top of his or her daily plans.

You can organise all of your projects into one location using FocusList, break up larger jobs into smaller ones, indicate your best estimate for each task, and take any other actions that will help you be successful.


Dropbox as File storage apps

Dropbox is a cloud-based productivity solution that helps you focus on activities that increase productivity by reducing distractions.

One of the most popular file sharing and storage platforms nowadays is Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud-based service that accelerates file access, storage, and retrieval.

Additionally, it enables you to manage them from any location and share them with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Wrapping Up:

There you have it—our 8 best productivity apps for Android that you should have installed on your phone in 2022!

Whether you’re looking to boost your work efficiency or just want to better organize your life, these apps will definitely help you get the job done. With their help, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Start installing these apps and see just how much more productive you can be!


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