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A16z-Backed Shein Challenger Cider is Growing Rapidly

By combining social media marketing, data analytics, and China’s efficient supply chain, Shein has shown to the world how a $100 billion fast-fashion powerhouse was created.

Its success inevitably breeds copycats and rivals. Cider, one of Shein’s competitors that are expanding the fastest, sells inexpensive, trend-driven clothes to customers all over the world by partnering with China’s responsive garment producers.

According to information provided by the market research company Sensor Tower, cider has amassed over 7.4 million instals worldwide as of this writing.

Shein, which had over 170 million downloads globally in 2021 and had eclipsed Amazon as the most popular shopping app in the United States the previous year, dwarfs that figure.

Cider has made headway in the competitive U.S. market, which contributes to 43% of its overall downloads.

It recorded 2 million downloads in the United States in the first half of 2022. Representing a startling 1,686% increase year over year.

According to Sensor Tower, the U.K., Germany, France, Canada, and South Korea are among the other significant markets for cider.

According to app analytics company, it is now ranked among the top 10 shopping apps in the App Stores of France and South Korea.


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