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Android 13 is officially here, updates for Pixels start today

The wait for Android 13 is over – Google Pixel smartphones will get the update from today and by the end of 2022.

Android 13 update wait is over; Know its new features and which smartphones will get this software update before the end of 2022.

The Android 13 stable version update will officially start rolling out to Google Pixel devices from today. Also, the company has announced that the Android 13 update, which brings many new features and customization options, will be available for Samsung, Asus, Vivo, iQOO, OnePlus, Motorola, Realme, Oppo, Sony, and Xiaomi before the end of this year. Will also come on smartphones. Imposter syndrome: 5 ways to deal with imposter syndrome

Android 13 Feature

With the Android 13 update, this time you will get to see the new design of the Material You theme. Now with the new Android version, the icon design of third-party apps also changes according to the theme. You can also choose different languages according to different apps. Along with this, the updated media player also changes the interface according to the music file.

Apart from this, keeping in mind the sleeping time of the user, there is also ‘Bedtime mode’, in which the wallpaper is dimmed and the theme dark. Taking care of the security and privacy of your data, it automatically deletes your personal information like mail-id, and phone number from the clipboard shortly after you copy it.

The Android 13 update also brings spatial audio support and Bluetooth LE support, with which you will get a better audio or sound experience. On tablets with Android 13, you can also easily add or remove apps to your library by drag-dropping them into the taskbar. Apart from this, there are many other things or features, where efforts have been made to give a better experience to the user with the Android 13 update. How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to SIM Card?

So, what’s new? Looks-wise, you’re getting an evolution of the Material You theme, with the theming engine now supporting icons of third-party apps, while the updated media player automatically changes its appearance based on the music or podcast you’re listening to.

You can assign specific languages to specific apps, and Bedtime mode is getting more customizable too, with wallpaper dimming and a dark theme.

Apps won’t get access to your entire media library just to be able to share one item, your clipboard history gets automatically cleared “after a period of time” if you copy sensitive data like your email, phone number, or login credentials, and apps are going to have to explicitly ask you to allow them to send notifications, rather than having that ability by default. Google Pixel 6A Smartphone to be Launched at Google I/O 2022!

Spatial Audio is now supported in Android, provided you have supported headphones for the feature which allows head tracking. Bluetooth LE Audio is also supported, and again you’ll need accessories that can work with this, but if you have them you should expect lower latency Bluetooth sound, enhanced quality, and support for broadcasting audio to multiple devices at the same time.

The newly updated taskbar on tablets lets you see all your apps at a glance, and allows you to easily drag and drop any app in your library into split-screen mode. Tablets are also getting palm rejection support when a stylus is used, so you don’t have any more accidental touches. The battery of almost all iPhones improves with iOS 15.5

There’s HDR video support on third-party camera apps in Android 13, a new media output switcher, and braille displays for Talkback. “Soon”, you’ll be able to copy content like a URL, picture, or text, from your Android phone to your Android tablet, or vice versa. Similarly, “soon” you’ll be able to stream your messaging apps to your Chromebook if you have one of those so that you can respond to chats from the laptop, not the phone. Best Hi-Res Music Streaming Services in 2022

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