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Apple VR/AR Headset Rumors- Everything we’ve learned up to this point

Apple’s mixed reality augmented reality, and virtual reality headsets are still mentioned in rumours and other stories. Apple hasn’t yet made the device public, but CEO Tim Cook has referred to augmented reality as one of “very few deep innovations” and a field that is “critically vital.”

Cook recently previewed Apple’s VR/AR headset strategy in an interview with China Daily USA. In sharp contrast to the developing metaverse, Cook stated he wants humans to be at the core of their VR/AR strategy.

Apple’s purported VR ambitions aim to compete with the greatest VR headsets on the market, much like the Oculus Quest 2 or PSVR 2.

We should also point out that Apple’s VR/AR headset is distinct from the company’s rumoured Apple Glasses, which are, as their name implies, only augmented reality devices. According to reports, they’re also a very long way off, but the Apple AR/VR headset might be available by the end of this year.

Regarding Apple VR/AR, there have been several reports that have surfaced, including information on next-generation display technology, its probable cost, and release date.

Here is all the information you require on the Apple VR and mixed reality headset:

Release date rumours for Apple’s virtual reality and mixed reality headsets

The Apple VR/AR headset has been the subject of many predictions in circulating rumours.

However, Ming-Chi Kuo stands out as the most pertinent analyst and trustworthy Apple oracle, predicting that the Apple VR/AR headset will be released in January 2023, with a second version (along with a less expensive variant) allegedly following in 2025.

Kuo describes Apple as “a game-changer for the headset industry” in a medium post, which examines various aspects of the VR headset market.

Kuo forecasts that Cupertino’s first headset will lead a recent wave of products from others trying to emulate its ideas, and boost in demand for associated AR games and apps.

Apple VR and mixed reality headset vs Apple Glass

Apple Mixed Reality headset

The Apple VR and mixed reality headgear are reportedly intended to be a forerunner of Apple Glass. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the AR lenses should provide an “optical see-through AR experience.”

According to all we’ve heard, Apple Glass looks and function like a typical pair of lightweight glasses. We’re talking about eyewear that can transmit data, possibly including imagery, to its lenses.

The Apple VR and mixed reality headset is expected to perform similarly to a standard VR headgear, but with additional capability unlocked by several external cameras and sensors.

Apple’s VR and mixed reality headset will blend real-world environments into a virtual area and enable body tracking. The Apple VR headset might feature a see-through feature that can give an augmented reality experience. So, it differs somewhat from the VR-only Oculus Quest 2.

Apple VR and mixed reality headset rumored price

Prices for the Apple VR and mixed reality headset have received conflicting reports. However, reports point to a developer focus, suggesting that price may be based on luring programmers.

Goal of Apple, according to Tim Cook, is augmented reality. The company’s plans start with the headset. According to reports,  headset’s primary aim is to get developers ready for the release of Apple Glass and make sure the specifications have app compatibility for launch.

According to rumours, Apple’s primary motivation is not to generate money, and the headset’s pricing will reflect this.

However, Mark Gurman has asserted that the headset will prioritise communication, media consumption, and gaming, suggesting that Apple is creating something with users in mind.

This may eventually lead to a less expensive second-generation headset. That doesn’t mean the first-generation headset won’t be pricey or intended for usage by developers, either.

Although reports differ on how pricey Apple’s VR and mixed reality headset will be, we expect it to be costly.
The Information predicts that the price of Apple’s virtual reality headset might reach $3,000. The Microsoft Hololens 2 costs a staggering $3,500, yet most gaming VR headsets are under $1,000.

According to Mark Gurman, the headset might cost up to $2,000 in total. The headset’s hardware, which may feature the Apple M1 Pro chip, a prolonged development period, and the customary higher markup charged for other Apple items, are all factored into that pricing.

The headset, according to Ming-Chi Kuo’s forecast, will only cost $1,000. similarly to the iPhone 13 Pro, etc. Although still pricey, this is far more affordable for the typical developer. Particularly if the headgear is as powerful as the reports have suggested.

Apple’s headset will cost “several thousand dollars,” according to a more recent study by Display Supply Chain Consultants, or DSCC.

The entry fee will be significant and unquestionably much greater than other standalone VR headsets. The Oculus Quest 2, for instance, costs $300 in contrast.

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