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Apple’s M2 MacBook Air Contains No Intel Components

Apple’s M2 MacBook Air Contains No Intel Components: After publishing the video of the new MacBook Air with M2 inside, in iFixit, they have also published the scrapping of the machine step by step on their website and in the comments of what they find, we find a very interesting detail; The MacBook Air with M2 is the first Mac in many years to not have any Intel components.

Until recently, even on the 13″ MacBook Pro with M2 or M1, or 14″ and 16″ models, Apple has used a component called USB Retimer that is responsible for managing the USB-C ports of the system, And it’s made by Intel. It’s not the core processor, but it is the only Intel-made component in these Macs. In the MacBook Air with M2, this chip has been replaced with one of Apple’s own, which means there are no longer any Intel components in the entire system. MacBook Pro M2 Review: Performance & Benchmarks

This chip is responsible for the Thunderbolt 3 driver, and in principle, we should not notice any difference when using the MacBook Air with M2 or M1, because the behavior of the ports should be identical, as well as the data transfer speed that reaches the devices connected to them.

The most logical thing is that this change also extends to all the new Macs that we see Apple launch from now on. Gone are the days when we saw Jobs take the stage with Intel hand in hand to announce the transition of Macs to x86 processors from this company. It’s the end of an era. iOS 15.6 is official and this is what you should know

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