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Can Microsoft Surface laptops be used for gaming?

Do you want to know Why a Surface gaming laptop is a terrible idea for gaming? or Can Microsoft Surface laptop be used for gaming? Let us find out in this article below!

Can Microsoft Surface laptops be used for gaming?

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed its latest range of Microsoft Surface products, and there were no surprises from the US tech giant.

There’s nothing to get excited about with the Surface Pro 9, Laptop 5, and Studio 2+ unless you’re seriously considering buying an ARM-based device. However, the story could have been very different if a rumour that was circulating had been true.

In September, two well-known tech sites ( NotebookCheck and WCCFtech ) published a “leaked” spec list for what appeared to be a new Microsoft Surface gaming laptop. With a display of up to 165Hz, a 12th Gen Intel H-series chipset, and an RTX 3070 Ti GPU, it would instantly become the most powerful Surface laptop to date.

Nevertheless, neither side seems to have suitably checked their inception, which revolved out to be a website called The Prime Gaming, whose only page was the list of specifications. Take a look at the site and you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion: it’s a fake.

This means you shouldn’t expect a Microsoft Surface gaming laptop to launch any time soon, and here are four reasons why I’m sure Microsoft isn’t secretly working on a gaming device.

1. Microsoft Surface is focused on productivity

It’s important to keep in mind what the Surface brand represents to Microsoft and to the computing market in general.

Since the original device launched a decade ago, the Surface has always been about productivity. It has helped popularize the 2-in-1 format for work, but that philosophy has spread to regular laptops and other hybrid computers.

Even the Microsoft Surface Duo bills itself as a mobile productivity device.

Something specifically designed for the gaming world would not be in line with what we have seen so far. Especially since there is an obvious alternative to Microsoft…

2. Any gaming laptop should be Xbox branded

The Microsoft Surface line is over a decade old, but that can’t compare to Xbox. It started out in 2001 as just a video game console and has gone on to become one of the main players in the burgeoning video game market.

Considering its huge popularity and solid reputation, making any gaming laptop bear the Xbox brand seems like a no-brainer. In the past, there have been many who have asked for something like this, and now that cloud gaming is starting to take off, it could be a perfect time.

3. Surface’s sleek design would (probably) be compromised

However, it would almost certainly look very different from any Surface device currently in existence. The surface is known for its thin and light designs, placing importance on both appearance and performance.

Committed gamers won’t mind having an ugly and bulky device if, in return, it offers a top-notch gaming experience. Future Microsoft Surface users, not so much.

There are examples of great gaming laptops that are still relatively thin and light. But they are few and often cost more than thicker and heavier devices.

4. Most Microsoft Surfaces are already too expensive

If Microsoft were to make a Microsoft Surface gaming laptop, it would almost certainly be a high-end device. It’s possible to get a great gaming laptop for cheap, but the affordable versions usually come after we’ve already seen premium hardware. That’s something we’ve seen Microsoft do with its Go-branded devices.

What’s more, it would be almost impossible to get it with the rumored specifications. They would probably rank it above the Surface Laptop Studio as Microsoft’s most expensive laptop.

Gaming enthusiasts are willing to pay upwards of €1,500 for a great experience, but not for a first-gen device from a company that has never made gaming laptops.

Microsoft should make a more powerful Surface laptop

Given the current economic situation and people’s spending patterns, I strongly believe that Microsoft should focus on making its products as affordable as possible. But there’s still room for the company to come up with a truly high-end Microsoft Surface laptop.

The Surface Laptop Studio is great for specific situations. But equipping it with an RTX 3050 Ti GPU means it lacks the sheer power of some rivals. Gaming isn’t the only activity where this extra performance is needed: 4K video editing, graphic design, and 3D modeling are demanding tasks that put a strain on the internal system. Also, Read – Microsoft Edge is way ahead of Chrome: 6 Browser Features Google Chrome Doesn’t Have

Right now, Microsoft doesn’t have a great solution for people with these workloads, especially if you want a traditional laptop. The company has room to present a “Microsoft Surface Laptop Pro” or something similar. But it should not be presented as a gaming device.

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