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Chrome launches efficiency modes to save battery and memory

The new Chrome option Chrome efficiency modes will make the browser go faster and consume less memory. The next big thing about Google Chrome is coming out: your tabs won’t consume as much memory anymore.

Chrome efficiency modes

Google has been working for years to make Chrome a browser that is not as “devouring” resources as it has been for years, through different measures and functions that are coming with each version. For some time now, the company has been working on the development of a new tool focused on improving the efficiency of Chrome, and everything seems to indicate that its arrival is much closer than we could imagine.

At least, that’s what the clues uncovered by the folks at Chrome Unboxed suggest that Chrome is about to introduce not one, but two new features aimed at saving battery and memory.

Chrome launches efficiency modes to save battery and memory

For now, the two features have been discovered in Chrome Canary, the experimental version of the browser, where Google tests new features before deciding whether or not they end up in the final version.

In it, the new Chrome “High Efficiency” and “Battery Saving” modes have been discovered. The latter allows you to reduce the refresh rate to achieve lower power consumption, while the former, once activated, allows you to put tabs that have not been used for a while into a hibernation state.

Both modes can be activated from the Chrome toolbar itself. In this sense, it is expected that the memory-saving mode will also serve to make the browser work faster, by having a greater amount of resources to direct to those tabs that are actually being used. Memory saving mode or “High Efficiency” can be activated from the Chrome toolbar.

Both functions are still in the development phase, but you can already test them by downloading the Canary version of Chrome and activating the corresponding experimental or “Flag” option.


Those who decide to wait for its arrival in the stable version should know that it will probably take a while until the new options are available in the stable version of the browser. In any case, it is always recommended to keep Chrome updated to the latest version so as not to miss any news.

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