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Content Marketing Statistics for 2022

Recent years have been marked by major changes in various markets. COVID-19 has characterized many industries, where more and more people have gone digital. We have compiled statistics on how the country stands for Content Marketing. What type of content has been focused on? And how much do companies really focus on Content Marketing?

For those of you reading here, it might be interesting to know how other companies work with Content Marketing. We have therefore compiled important statistics for you, so you can form an overview and dive into the facts about Content Marketing.

The statistics and results are taken from a study made by SEMrush. Here, more than 1,500 marketers in more than 40 countries have been asked how they work with Content Marketing. Do you work with Content Marketing? Whether you are well underway or just curious, you can be inspired by this post. How to Make Money as a Blogger with Affiliate Marketing- Complete Guide

The use of Content Marketing strategies

Content Marketing has become more and more popular to use in corporate marketing in recent years. But how many companies actually use it actively? And how many have a definite Content Marketing strategy?

The vast majority of companies (97%) now use Content Marketing in their marketing. Still, there are many (40%) who do not think they have a definite Content Marketing strategy.

Content Marketing is something many companies have embraced. And it has come to stay. However, the extent to which companies make use of it differs.
To the question of how marketers will evaluate their own companies’ Content Marketing strategies, the answers are somewhat more mixed. 19% have a highly developed Content Marketing strategy, while 36% have a slightly developed strategy. 42% of companies have only just started, while 3% are not quite sure how far they are with their strategic work.

Tactics in Content Marketing

Content Marketing covers a wide range of disciplines such as SEO, video, e-books, and more. However, two things are certain. In 2021, there has been a great focus on developing even more content and developing the quality of the companies’ content, as we as consumers place ever higher demands on the content that the companies present to us.
As many as 55% of the companies surveyed say that they have focused on developing the quality of their content. 46% have focused on SEO and 41% on visual content and video. It may not come as a big surprise that quality content, SEO, and video are widely used, but some of what we think is particularly interesting are the next.

38% have focused on updating their existing content! The lowest hanging fruits often taste really good, and we are talking in a content and or SEO context, there are many fruits that can be picked by most companies. Use the content you have already created and optimize it so that you and the users get the most out of it. It is both easy for you and the search engines will be happy with it.

Of course, how much content can be produced depends on how much power your Marketing team has? Among the respondents, there is a big difference in how big teams the companies have to develop content. Affiliate marketing for Amazon 2022-Everything You Need to Know

Content Marketing Teams

The survey surveyed marketing staff who work in companies consisting of 1 to 1000+ employees. There is, therefore (naturally enough) a big difference in how many specialists they have hired in their Content Marketing teams.

42% of companies have 1-3 specialists, while 21% indicate that they do not have a dedicated team or a dedicated person to provide content.

20% have 4-10 specialists, 9% have 11-20 specialists, and 3% have as many as 21-35 specialists. The largest companies and agencies (less than 1%) have more than 50 content specialists.

So there is a big difference in how many people sit on companies’ Marketing teams around the world and across industries. How to be a Pro at Digital Marketing in 2022- Complete Guide

The most successful types of content

What formats do you use for content in your company? Video has in recent years advanced all the way into the companies’ content universes. 37% of companies indicate that it is their most successful content format. As recipients, it is an (often) easily digestible format that catches the eye when, for example, scrolling through your Facebook feed. But the blog is still alive. Right on the heels of the video, the blog is 36%. Blogs allow you to deepen your services and provide value and knowledge to potential customers.

There has been a greater focus on success stories and cases for companies. This may be because customers expect authenticity and want 1: See that there are real people behind the company and 2: See that others have good experiences with the company (social proof). As a content employee, success stories and cases are also some of the more easily accessible formats when you need to expand your content universe (if you have some good successes and customer cases available. Expert tips for starting a new job to ensure success

Focus areas within Content Marketing in 2022

The latest figures we dive into are about which areas within Content Marketing companies will focus on during 2022.

Quality and relationships are repeated in several of the statistics. The companies focus on creating quality content that engages the target group and on creating content and building communities (eg in groups) on social media.

Distribution of content is also one of the important keywords for hey – who cares to spend thousands of hours writing and producing good content if it does not reach anyone at all?

Where should you go?

Now we have an overview of what Content Marketing looks like in 2022. But where do you start? What areas should you focus on? It depends on how much power you have to create content.

If we still have to gather 3 main points that you should focus on, it must be:

  • Quality content (on all platforms and in all formats)
  • Video
  • SEO

The points overlap in several cases, which only makes it even more important to address them. One thing is for sure: Content Marketing is here to stay and will only fill more in the future.

Good job!

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