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How to indent in the Google Docs app

Want to know How to indent in the Google Docs app? No reader likes to dig into a block of text, so no professional document can be created without indentation. Indenting the first line of a paragraph is also a great way to draw attention to it and mark the start of a new idea. The same goes for creating academic documents, where indentation is especially useful for citations.

But if you’re using the Google Docs app to complete tasks on the go, finding an indent setting can be a daunting task, let alone creating different types of indentation, be it a form or a function. Here’s how to indent in the Google Docs app and use the tools to indent correctly every time.

How to indent in the Google Docs app

The Google Docs app for Android and iPhone is similar in design and features. For demonstration purposes, we’ll take a look at Android. But you can be sure that the steps to create an indent on iPhone are the same.

First, open the Google Docs app on your phone and select a document.

open the Google Docs app

Make sure you are in “edit mode” by clicking on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner.

edit mode

Now, since you can add multiple types of padding, we’ll look at them separately.

Line indents

First, we have a simple line indent. This indents the first line, separating it from the rest of the paragraph. But the indent option in the Google Docs app doesn’t just indent the first line, it indents the entire paragraph.

However, there is a simple workaround for this. Please note that this method may result in some inconsistencies in your Google Doc on PC. But if you’re only going to use your phone for editing, it’s better than having an entire paragraph indented.

Place the cursor at the beginning of the place where you want to indent.

Place the cursor

Then press the return key. This will create a space between the first and second lines.

press the return key

Now position your cursor before the beginning of the first line and then click on the ‘ A ‘ with horizontal lines in the toolbar above.

Now position your cursor

This will bring up several editing options. Click on the Item section and then in the right indent option shown below.

Click on the Item section

Your first line is now indented.

Your first line is now indented

Sometimes you can indent the first line and a word on the second line. It might look something like this:

Sometimes you can indent the first line

A simple solution to this problem is to decrease the indentation by one word on the first line. If you do this and follow the steps, you will find that your first line is properly indented.

Note: If you are syncing and using Google Docs on a PC, you will see the first line is torn off from the second. If you don’t like the look, then you should go to Google Docs on the web on a PC.

Marked indents

Now let’s see how to make bulleted indents. They create sub-items within a bulleted list and can be useful if your document consists of branching elements.

Jump to the beginning of the bulleted text. Then click on the right indent option in the bottom right corner.

Marked indents

Alternatively, you can click on the A ‘ icon with horizontal lines at the top and find the right indent option under the Item section.

find the right indent option

This will indent the marker and become a sub-element of the parent point.

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