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Learn How to Start Promoting Your Store on the Internet

How to Advertise Your Store on the Internet: See the Effective Steps to Advertise Your Store on the Internet and Reach Your Audience in an Assertive Way.

Instagram, for example, is a tool widely used by companies, especially in the concept of a virtual store, as the platform has 1 billion active users per month.

In Brazil alone, there are 64 million active people, surpassing the engagement of Twitter, thus allowing the platform to strengthen any brand, as it is possible to create relationships with followers. Impact of 5G on Internet of Things

How to Promote Your Store on Instagram

Promoting a store on Instagram is an easy and inexpensive way to get your products to thousands of people. With this platform, it is possible to use the showcase to direct the prospect to buy the products online.

As the focus of a store is to expose its content in a visual way, Instagram is an incredible opportunity to expose all products, as it is possible to expand sales channels to the target audience.

The great news is that you can have your showcase within the platform, engaging with the audience, in addition to converting without the user having to leave the social network.

In addition, it is possible to post with the store link, to make it easier for the consumer to purchase the products. See below how to set up an Instagram store to sell online.

Steps to set up a store on Instagram

Nowadays, many people have been promoting the store on the internet, especially on Instagram, as it is a platform that does not require investment.

How to Promote Your Store on Instagram

So, the store on Instagram is a complement to the results of the online store. To sell on the platform you need to create a registration on the social network, see what steps you need to follow:

  1. Register on the social network: to promote your store on Instagram, you need to convert your personal profile or register with a business profile.
  2. Choose an attractive name: the interesting thing is that the name refers to your brand, after all, when the customer clicks on “buy”, it will be destined for your e-commerce.
  3. Think about your target audience: it is extremely important to adapt the language to use Instagram, since, in this type of social network, the image conveys a message.

Likewise, a beautiful scene is not worth it if it is not consistent with your products. Therefore, you need to develop strategies according to your audience.

  1. Keep an eye on competitors: this is an important step for two reasons because in it you don’t do more than the same and still manage to anticipate trends, surprising your entire target audience.
  2. Stand out: Make authentic productions to surprise your audience with products. Since it is necessary to make all the difference on the internet, as there are countless people selling the same product, being able to use the photos that the supplier offers. So be authentic.
  3. Offer qualified content that is related to the products: for the purchase guide to be active, it must have at least 9 posts from the store. In addition, creating content helps your customers to perceive product perspectives, thereby increasing brand engagement.

Promote store on Instagram to improve e-commerce

Like every online store, Instagram also focuses on images (whether short videos or static). Therefore, the main selling mechanism is to present to consumers all the details of the product and the solutions it offers to the customer, such as services and products. Top Business Trends to Follow in 2022

In addition to the number of active users, advertise on your e-commerce and generate traffic, even being able to sell using the platform itself.

Therefore, it is very important to promote your store on Instagram, because, in addition to attracting new customers, it generates sales within the platform. But in addition to Instagram, there are other platforms that can be used to promote the store, always keeping the same pace to attract and engage with the public, highlighting services and products.

10 steps to promote your store on the internet and achieve great results

See how easy it is to promote your store on the internet using just a few steps to make your venture a complete success.

1. Use creativity to promote your products

In every online store, product photos have always been essential, as they take the business to another level, mainly because of consumers who like to receive a more detailed image, full of technical information or even with the opinion of other buyers.

Therefore, it is important to share the images of all the goods in a way that attracts attention and has a lot of personalities.

In order for you to advertise on the internet, you must have quality and professionalism. So make sure all your images reflect your brand personality. This means that all photos must be of high quality, even if they are taken with a cell phone camera.

Avoid low-resolution images, with distorted and bad angles and without adequate light. All these points make followers think that the brand does not seek to pay attention to care when presenting the products.

In this way, the store will feel in the sales and after-sales process.

So that you can be very careful when posting photos with the products, use editing apps and filters, which are offered on Instagram itself, to improve the quality of the photos. In addition to this editor, there are others on the market that are free. What to Invest in 2022?

2. Include hashtags

Hashtags are extremely important for publishing photos, as they group posts into communities that are linked by keyword. However, this type of feature helps to extend the life of publications, making them easier to find.

So, search for the most popular and trending hashtags, but not something that is too generic, for example, #Fashion, as it is used millions of times. So, if you do that, your publication could run the risk of getting lost in the midst of so much content.

In addition, you can create a unique hashtag to promote a store on the internet. With this, you will be creating a community of fans for your e-commerce within the social network.

3. Post content that captures the brand’s culture

People don’t enter Instagram thinking about shopping, this ends up being a consequence. Therefore, it is very important to focus on adding value to the brand and products.

A tip is to post photos that refer to the business lifestyle, using empathic messages, for example.

In this way, it uses scenarios that inspire, using real people so that followers can visualize the products in a context. The Nike brand uses this type of concept in 60% of its posts.

Another well-known company that uses this strategy is Dove, which sells a message about female self-esteem. She goes far beyond marketing creams, soaps, and shampoos, as she works with the emotional side of all women.

That is, the presentation must be complete, not only showing the products but the culture and style that surround them. In general, this type of strategy strengthens the brand image, creating good feelings that are related to it.

4. Use the Stores tool

One of Instagram’s greatest strengths for promoting the store is stories. With it, it is possible to create videos of up to 15 seconds, stay on the air for 24 hours, in it it is possible to launch a product, show and tell how it was created, determine the idea, and can also make polls with followers, answering people and much more to interact with the public.

Therefore, stories are currently the most effective way to be close to the consumer. Also, if your profile has more than 10,000 followers, the tool allows your links to be shared there, directing the person to the page you want to convert.

Use stories without fear. Do small tests with your products and feel the results by getting to know the people who matter most to you, your customers.

5. Make exclusive offers and promotions for your followers

One way to publicize the store on the internet is by publishing it on Instagram stories and feeds so that your followers know about special offers, and earn bonuses and discount coupons.

On Instagram, 41% of users follow or would follow a brand to earn freebies or other perks.

Use this strategy as a way to gain real followers, as there are many profiles that are being personalized, as they use robots as a way to get engagement and growth, that is, all fake.

A very important tip is to collaborate with brands from the same segment as yours and even similar segments. So, create campaigns together so that people can tag friends and follow profiles, so they can participate in sweepstakes.

6. Share content from your followers on your profile

A strategy that makes your profile more engaged is to include the content of your followers, who tagged your @, in your stories and feed, as they bring good feelings, which are automatically associated with the brand.

By republishing the content of your customers who used your @, you are generating empathy and more approximation, users will feel more honored when the company sees them. After all, we all want to be seen in one way or another, so all mentions are made with some purpose.

Not to mention that it’s a way for people to talk about your brand for free, viewing all your products, using the voice that matters most to you, your consumers.

7. To promote interaction, create captions

The photos are of great quality, but if they don’t contain an effective caption, the content won’t achieve optimal engagement.

In this way, play with followers, asking what they think about such a subject, and ask them to tell their stories. For remember, people like to be heard.

8. Use Tool Reels

A reel is a tool that arrived in the second half of 2020 in Brazil, it is similar to Tik Tok and is already a huge success among all Instagram users.

Promoting the store on Reels has been an excellent opportunity to show the products, as it lasts for 15 seconds, perfect for making productions with fun filters, dubbing, and music.

Brands, personalities, and even politics have been taking advantage of this tool to create interaction and bring their followers and futures closer to the production of more authentic content.

That is, your audience may be more mature, but by using the right strategies to assemble Reels, in a fun way, showing all products through quick clips, and using creativity, you will keep your target audience close.

On top of all that, Reels is easy to use as all edits are done by it.

9. Tell stories through IGTV

Promoting the store on IGTV allows you to tell the whole story of your venture, from the product on sale, among others, without cutting the stories.

So, want to run a 5-minute campaign? Do you want to talk to your customers telling them about the differential of your product? Publish on IGTV, use and abuse this tool to leverage your engagement.

Like FEED, there is an exclusive tab for IGTV, where your followers can find videos more easily on your profile. Not to mention that it is a way to make it more organized, being able to insert a cover to make it easier to identify the subject or theme.

10. Investing to promote your store

With the covid-19 pandemic, lives became more successful on Instagram, in the year 2020. With this, many people have doubts if this type of tool is still worth investing in to promote the store on the internet.

Yes, this tool is still very worthwhile, but you have to be careful so that your customers don’t get into transmissions that don’t have any differential.

Thus, the tip is always to tell the news live, make lightning promotions and show the backstage of the campaign.

The maximum duration time is 1 hour, but there are some profiles that are authorized for up to 4 hours to perform the lives. Use this tool sparingly.

Other forms of dissemination

When it comes to visibility, social networks are channels that have a huge flow of users and with several tools available, making it possible to create the best assertive strategies to publicize the entire enterprise.

See which social networks stand out, in addition to Instagram that we have already seen above:

Twitter to promote the store

Twitter is a platform that does not have integrative services, but it makes it possible to bring the store’s disclosure to the publications feed.

So, it is through its own paid ad system offered by the platform itself to increase content engagement.

In this way, taking the brand to Twitter is an excellent strategy, as it boosts the content of the business, bringing the chances of reaching the followers more effectively.

In general, social networks can be great allies for a store to promote its brand. With strategic campaigns and posts, the store can gain new followers as the days go by, which can positively influence the conversion rate.

Publish store on the blog

To promote the store on the blog, it is necessary to produce and mediate content that is authentic and relevant to the brand to enhance the visibility of the business.

For example, Blogspot is a way to approach the target audience in a more objective way.

Using a great content marketing plan makes it easier to become a reference on issues related to the business model. However, it is necessary to invest in the production of first and quality materials.

If your online store sells clothes, for example, creating a fashion blog is a way to attract your target audience. In addition, it is necessary to produce content with focal themes, releases, and trends, not only to approach the audience but to build a bridge between the blog and the virtual store.

Use E-Mail Marketing

With email marketing, it is possible to generate a higher conversion rate on the internet, according to studies published by E-commerce Brasil. Because through it it is possible to develop creative campaigns and organize a schedule for shipments, creating a closer and more personalized dialogue with the target audience.

This is a type of strategy that aims to reach the consumer at the most favorable moments for the purchase decision. Plus, it’s a great way to give your business more visibility.

First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that to send an email to the customer, it is necessary to capture the contact data. Therefore, a very common and assertive way to have this exchange of information is to offer materials as if they were a bargaining chip.

You can use infographics, e-books, and discount coupons, among others. The idea is to offer something in exchange for customer data, thus being able to insert it into the email list to start working with your communications.

Optimize the page for SEO

As the saying goes: who is not seen, is not remembered. While your store brand is present on many platforms, the most important storefronts are found on the first page of a Google search.

Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the page of your virtual store with SEO practices so that the chances of appearing are greater, improving the entire positioning of the search results.

This practice is related to content marketing. That’s because, for your brand to reach more easily through the dissemination tools, you need to be traced with the best marketing strategies along with SEO.

Thus, it is necessary to use the keywords correctly, working with the optimized content, so that the materials gain prominence in the search results. This, increases the visibility of the blog, generating more traffic to the pages.

Generally speaking, SEO is considered a medium to long-term investment. This is because, within the search engines, there is a deadline for people to start reading and positioning themselves with the contents of the results page.

Invest in Facebook ADS

With Facebook ADS ads it is possible to achieve different goals, increasing the audience of the fan page, generating more visitors to the e-commerce, taking more people to the physical store, and boosting product offers. But for that, you have to be willing to make a financial investment.

This type of tool also allows you to deliver content according to the age group and interest of each potential customer.

In addition, with the paid tool it is possible for the shopkeeper to create personalized campaigns, for example, boosting the visibility of the brand, of a new collection or specific product, among others.

Advertise not Google ADS

A platform widely used by people to promote the store is Google. Because it is more focused on e-commerce interactions. So, Google ADS is a little different from Facebook Ads in the higher “cost per click”, with the possibility of configuring negative keywords (for which your page should not appear) and also in the campaign reports, thus facilitating the analysis of performance metrics.

In this way, with Google ADS, it is easier to create more aggressive campaigns, being able to bring a ROL more easily compared to other methods.


It is very important to know your target audience very well and to outline the best strategies for assertive disclosure. In addition, it will help to perform the best actions to obtain the best positive results. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the moment in which the company is and what the best strategy fits into its business model. With all these tips, it will be much easier to promote your store on the internet.

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