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Pixel 7 Series And Pixel Tablet Camera Specifications Leaked

One of the phone manufacturers that regularly amazes tech lovers with their elegant devices is Google. The Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet’s camera specifications have already been revealed online in the spirit of anticipation. According to the specifications, the brand would have excellent camera capabilities.

Given that there were no hints about hardware at the prior events, they unveiled the Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet at the I/O along with the Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, and some other software.


As we all know, Android 13 Beta 4 has been released, and because of it, a developer has analysed the update and discover the camera characteristics of the Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet.

Kuba Wojciechowski, the developer, discovered camera hardware codes that can be matched to other devices while examining the GS101 Camera Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) from the beta release.

The GN1 primary sensor and IMX381 UW sensor are included in the camera specifications of the Pixel 7 series, the C10, and the P10, while Samsung’s 3J1, an 11MP sensor with dual Pixel focus designed to improve quality and also enhance semi-secure face authentication, is installed in the front-facing camera.

In particular, the Sony IMX381 12MP UltraWide sensor, which was also used in the Pixel 6 series, will be included in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro along with Samsung’s ISOCELL GN1 50MP primary sensor.

According to the developer, the brand is switching from the 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor to the 48MP Samsung ISOCELL GM1 telephoto sensor in the interim, most likely because combined sensors can cause photographs of worse quality.
Two IMX355 sensors, like those in the Pixel 6, are used in the Pixel Tablet. We concur with the developer that it is a smart cost-saving move.

Let’s see how the brand combines them with camera software to produce beautiful photographs given that the camera specifications of the Pixel 7 and Pixel Tablet are rather slick. Also Read, The Asus Zenfone 9 Is The Smallest Phone You Can Get With The Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1

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