The 4 amazing traits of startups that thrive & bring impact…!

Starting your own business is always a great idea, especially when you live in a place where you see lots of opportunities and market gaps to fill. In developing countries, it’s even easier to detect problems and start building a solution for them in your brain.

You formulate a business plan out of it and find an energetic co-founder to kick start from scratch. However, in the journey of business, some startups do well, but some don’t.

But the question is what an impactful startup is?

Some define a startup’s success as what the bank balance sheet depicts, while others measure it by how a startup gives back to the community.


No matter what definition people hold, I’m sure you are here because you aspire to be the one on the list of successful startups that bring impact plus money.

But, To be on the list is never a cakewalk because you’ll have to go through the grooves and hills of the entrepreneurial journey. Sleepless nights, extreme workload, anxieties, and the list never stop adding more.

But, no matter the odds, if you focus on the bigger picture, it’s worth fighting for because your business idea reflects the innovation and ambitious mind where you couldn’t be more proud of this worthy trend.

Just follow up and absorb everything I’m about to tell you about the secret keys to an impactful startup.

The Market (Timing & Fit)

Successful startups don’t only thrive with a great idea. You have a code to follow that doesn’t only bring results but makes sure that you get in the queue of impactful startups.

Defining your market is Code#01.

The market defines your overall size and niche of the startup, but timing & fit plays an enormous role.


Let me explain a bit more in detail.

If we consider a scenario, It’s too early for some startups to enter the market that is correspondingly underprepared for what will come their way. Likewise, for some, it’s too late to enter, and again, underprepared about the quality of the product, they need to meet to stay and fight their competition.

Simply startups fail to understand how good a product needs to be to unsettle the competition in the market.

Got my point?

Now come to the fit.

To sell a product successfully, it is wise to research the Want of the product. Good market research tells you whether or not the product is the need and Want of the customer.

Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

However, still, lots of entrepreneurs struggle with defining their product-market fit.

CBI Insights reports that about 42% of failed startups found their products could not fit the market.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume most startups do thorough market research before the launch because impactful startups know the idea product concept needs to be tuned up as it rolls out.

They constantly change the course based on trial & error plus good market research because the sooner you nail down the product-market fit, the better your chance to be successful in the market.

Founders (with cunning strategies)

Just go and Google some of the great startup founders. What do you think made them on the list of great founders?

Persistence, focus, strategies, eye for detail, etc… The list goes on and on!

The startup founders are the ones who add talent and resources to a venture.

Isn’t it obvious, though?

The great startup founders have special eyes to see through people and things that normal people don’t. They recruit best because recruiting best for a startup is a huge and tricky task, plus bringing investors is of equal importance.

4 amazing traits of startups

The real story is that behind every successful startup, great minds work. Therefore, founders push harder and dig deeper to get together a crew that is the best of the best.

So, it depends all on a founder to find excellent minds. While investing, shareholders look out for the aptitude of startups to close a deal when they bring extraordinary minds to the market.

So, who is responsible for these roles? The founders, duh!

Think big!

Even when small drops combine, they can result in an ocean someday, following the path of business and its growth consist of small loopholes. But for growth and success, focusing on the bigger picture is important, not tiny loopholes.

Entrepreneurship is the name of grooves and hills. After every small loophole, there comes a small win. Focus on the small win and make an ocean someday.

Focus on what your business can breakthrough in the upcoming years, and making goals for them accordingly is an important trait of a successful startup.

Always make a list of daily, weekly & monthly tasks to help you out in this regard.

You need to be ok if rejected!

Rejection is more like a blessing in disguise for those who understand the value of learning and growing together. If someone fails to understand your vision, then there are two possibilities:

For those who understand the value of learning and growing together, rejection is more than a blessing in disguise.

If someone doesn’t understand your vision, here, you can expect two possibilities for that:

First, you are failing to explain it well enough.

Secondly, the person isn’t able to understand. So make it simple and be adaptable to your listeners.

Getting your staff, your user base, and yourself is one of the great secret ingredients of an impactful venture.

The Takeaway!

Let’s wrap it up in a beautiful summary…

Great startups don’t just become a success story because of a great idea. They need discipline and cunning strategies to break through all the odds that come their way.

Try to celebrate tiny wins with your team because it encourages them to work with enthusiasm and finally bring efficiency and productivity to their work effort. So, follow the above traits and achieve something new and big.

Keep hustling!


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