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The battery of almost all iPhones improves with iOS 15.5

With the arrival of the update with iOS 15.5, there have been many people who have preferred not to update their phone yet due to the possible bugs it might contain; However, unlike what happened with iOS 15.4 and the rest of the versions to fix the bugs, no major problems have been discovered yet and even the battery at first seemed to have improved.

To find out exactly how the batteries of the iPhone with iOS 15.5 behave, we have looked at the iAppleBytes test, where the changes to control the excessive consumption of the system are reflected, at least in the majority of Apple terminals. Therefore, we should not continue to delay the version change. Realme 8S 5G Review: Should you buy it now?

Extra minutes of Battery, except on an iPhone

In the video that they have shared on YouTube, they detail the process for carrying out the tests, in which it is explained that it has waited two days to run the test and that the system settles on the devices, which Apple usually recommends. Despite this, the tests are not completed by manually switching applications or exchanging connection functions, but are based on the Geekbench battery test, this could, therefore, leave several different ones with the result that we will obtain in use. newspaper.

List of iPhones improves battery with iOS 15.5

Putting the same smartphones with the iOS 15.5 version and with iOS 15.4.1 on one side and the other, we see the difference from one test to the other. As we are going to detail below, in practically all iPhones there is a positive evolution with this latest update, although there is one case that attracts attention, we leave you with the results and differences: DIZO Watch 2 Sports Review: Design, Display, Performance

List of iPhones improves battery with iOS 15.5

  • iPhone SE: same
  • iPhone 6s: +10 minutes
  • iPhone 7: +4 minutes
  • iPhone 8: +6 minutes
  • iPhone XR: -14 minutes
  • iPhone 11: +3 minutes
  • iPhone 12: -42 minutes
  • iPhone 13: +28 minutes
  • iPhone SE 2020: -9 minutes

These results allow us to verify that Apple’s work has been good, achieving that many of the devices gain at least a few extra minutes of autonomy. However, there are cases in which the result draws much more attention, such as that of the iPhone 12. The data does not fit with what the users themselves think after the update and therefore should be classified as a specific error in the test that For some reason it didn’t turn out as expected. The YouTube channel itself warns us not to take this information into account. Now share YouTube video on Snapchat, know how the new feature will work

The 28 extra minutes that the iPhone 13 gets are positively striking, extending the battery significantly to make it continue to be the iPhone with the best autonomy in recent years.

In these tests, we cannot see the result of the Pro and Pro Max models, although they always achieve greater autonomy and, therefore, by transferring the data, it is practically guaranteed that the update will do them a great favour. As the days go by, the battery and the system will stabilize even more, so these improvements may not stop here. If you had not dared to install iOS 15.5 on your smartphone, with these results we invite you to do so without fear. Apple iPhone SE 5G 2022 Review: Design, Camera, Specs

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