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The best Apple Watch you can buy today

The best Apple Watch you can buy today. Apple has expanded the family of smartwatches with the newcomer Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra, and the second generation of the SE. What happens with the sale of past generations? Which Apple Watch is the best to buy? We tell you.

Which Apple Watch should you buy? Which model, dial size, color, and the strap is best for your needs and budget? With dozens of possible combinations to choose from on the Apple website, choosing one or the other can be somewhat complicated.

That is why we have decided to make this complete buying guide for a new Apple Watch, to find out which is the ideal watch according to the use you are going to make of it. We also explain all the versions that are for sale and help you decide which model is the right one and where to buy it at the best price.

As you know, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 8 on September 7, 2022, also coinciding with the arrival of the new Apple Watch Ultra, a model designed specifically for lovers of extreme sports. Apple Watch SE 40mm Review

Apple Watch SE 2

In addition, other models from previous years are still on sale, such as the  Apple Watch Series 7 that joined the catalog the previous year. Although it could go unnoticed, Apple also presented this year a new edition of the Apple Watch SE 2, which is known to be the cheapest of all.

Unlike what it had maintained until mid-2022, the Apple Watch Series 3 that had been on sale has already been withdrawn from the catalog, with controversy given that Apple had decided to keep it on sale despite the fact that it was already known that It would not be supported by the latest version of watchOS 9.

Where to buy an Apple Watch?

It seems clear that, with the recent launch of the new models, the Apple Watch Series 8 is positioned as the most desired by ordinary users, since the price of the Apple Watch Ultra is much higher than the usual series.

The selling price of the Apple Watch Series 8 starts at €499 when it comes to the most basic model with a 41mm case size, and €539 if you opt for the 45mm case. If you choose the stainless steel case with a gold finish, the Series 8 model costs €899. Apple Watch SE 44mm Review

Apple Watch SE 2

For its part, the price of the Apple Watch SE 2 continues to be the lowest in the range of Apple smartwatches, starting at €299. In return, you must dispense with certain features that the rest of the higher-end models do have.

The new Watch SE series is presented with two different case sizes, either 40 or 44 mm and in GPS or GPS+Cellular mode. The key difference between them is that the Watch SE does not support blood oxygen measurement and the ECG that the superiors do.

In all cases, it is possible to choose between two sizes of the dial and prices can reach €1,449 if you choose a Hermés Special Edition.

If you try to buy it through online stores like Amazon, you may find previous models that Apple has discontinued, such as the Apple Watch Series 7 as well as previous generations at more affordable prices. It can be a good option to save you some money.

Pay attention to the denominations so as not to buy a model that does not correspond to the one you want so that you lose certain functionality if it lacks certain measurement sensors. Apple iPhone SE 5G 2022 Review: Design, Camera, Specs

The current range of Apple Watch Series

Apple had previously discontinued the original Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 2, the Edition line, and the Watch Series 4. With the recent launch of the Watch Series 8, the company has decided to definitively shelve the marketing of the Series 3 from its official website.

In this way, if you are still interested in a model from the previous ranges, such as the Series 6 or Series 7, you may find it on sale at a wholesaler or retailer, but you will not be able to buy it directly in stores. from Apple.

There are aluminum (cheaper) or stainless steel (more expensive) versions in all Series, and numerous finishes and colored straps are available for all of them, including Hermes sport straps and fashion straps.

In this sense, there are two screen sizes for each model (different, yes) and you can also choose if you want to pay more to have Cellular connectivity, or if it is enough for you to have Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS for your outdoor training.

Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6

Thus, the Apple Watch Series 6 has already incorporated important new features in 2020, which can make you choose your choice, something differentiating it from the rest of the models, such as the heart rate ECG measurement App and the possibility of quantifying the level of oxygen in the blood in just 10 seconds.

With respect to the recently presented Watch Series 7, the differences are very subtle, focusing on a more resistant and brighter screen, but without substantial changes in terms of sensors, with which the health measurement functions are the same in both models.

Series 6

So, in what situations is it worth buying the new Apple Watch Series 7? Only in cases where you come from a previous generation other than Series 6, or if you are a new user entering the ecosystem of Apple devices for the first time. This way you will access the watch with maximum functionality.

You will only find the Apple Watch Series 4 in places like Amazon. The same goes for the Apple Watch Series 5. This range is only available at Amazon or superstores. But beware, it may be that for the price they present you find it more interesting than the Watch SE model.

Another aspect that differentiates them is the always-on screen, something that only the Watch Series 5 had and is now transferred to later models. Neither the Apple Watch Series 3 nor the Watch SE contemplate this option, although they also have a Retina screen on their face.

It uses innovative technologies such as the world’s first low-temperature polysilicon oxide (LTPO) display, a low-power display controller, an efficient integrated power management circuit, and a new ambient light sensor. This makes it possible to reach 18 hours of use.

This is, roughly, a tour of the main differences between the two generations and the functions that have been incorporated into the new generation.

Do you need mobile data?

Without a doubt, it is another of the great decisions that you will have to respond to, the choice between a standard GPS model, or one that includes Cellular connectivity to dispense with having to carry the iPhone in the exercises that you do outdoors.

You should know that the Cellular model requires the use of an electronic SIM card to be able to make phone calls or connect to the network independently of your iPhone. In addition to the extra price, you will have additional operating costs for the use of data and the network fees of the operators, which not all of them contemplate.

If it turns out that as a general rule, wherever you go you will take the iPhone with your Apple Watch, you will not really have the need to acquire this more expensive model, so it will not be worth the extra investment.

However, if you like the idea of ​​being able to leave your phone at home and continue receiving calls and WhatsApp messages while you exercise, then the option is to opt for the model with a network connection provided by your telephone operator.

Family Settings

Another of the novelties announced by Apple in 2020 is ‘Family Configuration’, which allows you to use your iPhone and link it to your children’s Apple Watch so that they can be in communication with loved ones and be controlled at all times.

This new functionality is available with the recently introduced Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE models without the possibility of doing so with the Watch Series 3. In addition, as it seems logical, you must have a watch model with GPS + Cellular.

At the time, we have come to speculate on the possible launch of an Apple Watch model aimed at children, but in the end, Apple has chosen to maintain a more conservative line and there is no specific model for the little ones.

Special editions

As the brand has accustomed us, Apple likes special editions and this is where it offers the possibility of choosing between the Apple Watch Nike and the Apple Watch Hermès. You can also use the Apple Watch Studio option to customize your choice.

They both have similar internal features and specifications as the standard models, but they have very different aesthetic appearances. For example, the Apple Watch Nike +, which is made of aluminum, is aimed at those who love running and are looking for a smartwatch that is very sport-oriented.

The Hermès, meanwhile, is made of stainless steel, with a unique strap and a Hermès stamp on the back. The various versions look good but start at more than €1,200. Please note that these are only available with the cellular version.

What size sphere should I buy?

The Series 3 has two different sizes of its case or dial; 38mm and 42mm. In the case of Series 6, as was the case with Series 5, the 40 and 44 mm cases are maintained. This same extends to the Apple Watch SE which is the same size.

In this way, the 44 mm box models support resolutions of 368 x 448 pixels, while the smaller 40 mm box offers a value of 324 x 394 pixels. So you can see the information up to 30% larger than Series 3.

The general interpretation is that they are designed to fit the typical wrist dimensions of a woman’s hand, as well as a man’s respectively, but you are not obligated to do so and you can choose the one that feels best to you.

Apple Watch Series 7

With the arrival of the new Apple Watch Series 7, the watch faces are slightly increased to reach 42 and 45 mm while maintaining the same size. It’s a little extra that allows us to handle larger fonts, according to Apple, which can be good for people with vision problems.

Measurements represent approximately the height of the watch face, in millimeters. That’s a bit strange, because when classifying smart device sizes, we generally mean the size of the screen, measured diagonally from corner to corner, in inches. (The iPhone 5s is a ‘4-inch smartphone,’ for example.)

Weight varies by material, size, and whether or not Cellular is included. The size of such a device is a crucial and critical factor, and because of this, we recommend that you postpone the purchase decision until you can be sure which size is right for you.

Try visiting an Apple Apple Store and trying it on to get a better idea of ​​what you really want. Keep in mind that the available material/color/strap configurations are slightly different depending on the size, so the choice has an impact on other aspects as well.

However, we recommend that you prioritize size over other considerations. Don’t be like the shoe shopper who’s looking for a size too big because they’re 90 percent off—it’s not worth the pain!

What colors do you want?

The material used determines what color you can get your Apple Watch. You will find the Apple Watch Series 6 in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, while the Watch SE and Series 3 remain only with aluminum finishes due to price issues.

The aluminum model, you will find in white, space gray, gold, or rose gold in the case of the Watch SE and Series 3 models. In the Watch Series 6, the aluminum is available in silver, space gray, gold, blue, and Product RED, while in the Watch Series 7 you have it in green, blue, star white, and midnight, along with Product RED.

The color, unlike the material, does not affect the price, so choose the version that you like the most. But your choices will depend on the choice of model and material. The Series 3 only comes in aluminum, and this has to be silver or space gray.

For its part, the Series 4 and Series 5 offer many more options. If you opt for aluminum, you can get it in silver, gold, or space gray, while stainless steel models come in plain, space black, or (for the first time) gold.

Docks and chargers

The new Apple Watch Series 7 come with a USB C charging cable, but for the first time; And as was the case with the previous Series 6, an adapter is no longer included, which you will have to buy separately if you don’t have one. Its recommended price is €20.

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