The ultimate guide on Becoming Your Own Boss?

Many of us consider starting our own business from time to time. Taking control of our career and working for ourselves… This is often because you don’t like the environment of the company you work for or you can’t get along with your manager or colleagues.

First steps to being your own boss

Sometimes it is because you want to make money for yourself instead of the company you work for, or you are afraid of possible layoffs in the future. But above all, the most influential factor in individuals wanting to start their own businesses is that they want to run everything their own way. Individuals want to prove to themselves and their environment that they can bring together their talents, experiences, and creative ideas and that they can do better than their managers. Also, Read – 5 ways to step out of your comfort zone

The way to establish a company with solid foundations is primarily to know today’s commercial world and economy and to follow current events and developments closely. When the general process in which companies are downsized, bought by each other, merged, and dismissed their employees is examined, it is striking that individuals make more attempts to establish their own businesses in this period compared to the past. Another point that has been observed to increase compared to previous years is the rate of closure of newly opened small businesses. The instability of the economy all over the world both directs individuals to open their own businesses and causes them to experience difficulties in the businesses they open.

Successes of small businesses

Large companies sometimes have a hard time tackling the successes of small businesses. Because the same quality of service can be delivered to customers by small businesses at a lower cost. Small businesses, which spend less than large companies, are the preferred party for customers who work with both parties. For this reason, big companies have started to look for new management models and develop new methods to fight small businesses. The model, which can meet the needs arising from the developments in the sector, adapt the business strategies and company policies to the new order in a short time, and prefer more contracted, seasonal, and project-based personnel, has begun to be adopted as a working model that should be shaped according to today’s changing trends.

Entrepreneurs opportunity

The opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a small business starts here. As large firms plan how to adapt themselves to change and restructure their business strategies, small businesses have the opportunity to develop themselves, increase their customer portfolio, and gain a foothold in the market. Also, Read – How to Make Money as a Blogger with Affiliate Marketing- Complete Guide

Another reason why individuals prefer to open small businesses is that they give themselves more freedom, a chance to get rid of work routine and balance work and private life. According to the research, by 2022, approximately 55% of the workforce constituting the workforce will be managing their own business.

If you are considering starting a new business today, the following areas are recommended:

  • Market Research
  • PR/Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Tourism/Tourist guiding
  • Technology (website design, network engineering)

Starting own business

You have decided on the most suitable space for your own business, before you say everything is ready, take a look at a few points below.

  • As an employer, it will no longer be to your advantage to spend all day in the office. Set up meetings with customers and try to negotiate deals with them.
  • Follow the innovations in the market. Participate in fairs related to your field, and if possible, promote your company at fairs.
  • When you leave a large company with many customers, it is natural that the first thing you lack and want to have is too many customers. Because ready customer means ready money. But what needs to be done at this stage; is to provide the best service to the customers you have, instead of constantly chasing new customers. Remember, you can build a solid reference with your first customers; You can expand your customer portfolio in the future.
  • Like every company, your company should have a commercial plan and working strategy. Don’t think of it as a fixed and unchanging plan; because if you are an independent consultant or entrepreneur, you have to be extremely flexible to keep up with the requirements of the market.
  • If you have thought of starting your own business in order to balance your business life with your private life and to have comfortable working hours; Be careful that your work life does not cover your whole life right now. Don’t let responsibilities drive you. You may want to regain your old tempo and customer portfolio immediately. But don’t forget to enjoy being your own boss.

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