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Unlock your iPhone with Face ID using an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can unlock an iPhone, an iPhone can unlock a Watch, and an Apple Watch can unlock a Mac. Here’s how.

Apple has managed to make the iPhone the central element of your digital life, bringing together a whole series of functions such as communications, and email, as well as managing social networks on the same device.

For its part, an Apple Watch is a much more personal product than when used in conjunction with an iPhone, it can make you much more productive and keep up with everything, so you don’t miss any notifications in your day-to-day.

In fact, Apple relies on proximity and a host of other features to allow a Watch, iPhone, and Mac to unlock each other without additional authentication if you’re using any of the 3 devices at the same time.

Unlock your iPhone with Face ID using an Apple Watch

In iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, Apple added a feature to help with the issue of masks obscuring faces for correct Face ID recognition. In ‘Settings > Face ID & Passcode’, you can enable ‘Unlock with Apple Watch.

This only works with iPhones that have Face IDs and as long as you have Face ID turned on. To use your watch to unlock your iPhone, you must have a passcode set for your watch and wrist detection enabled (your watch must be on your wrist and unlocked).

You can always use the Watch app passcode settings to add a passcode and turn on wrist detection. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity must also be enabled on both devices.

Another consideration that must be met is that the Apple Watch and the iPhone must be within a close distance of no more than 10 meters, the standard values ​​established for Bluetooth connectivity, although the range may vary depending on factors. Also, Read – How To Unlock A Cloud Mobile Phone?

Unlock your iPhone with Face ID

In fact, for it to work, your iPhone must previously fail during the unlocking process through Face ID, either because you are wearing a mask or something that prevents the recognition of your facial features identified by iOS.

Then, and only then, will your iPhone be unlocked through the authentication allowed by your watch? When it works, you’ll get a couple of haptic vibrations on your watch, and a short message will appear on your iPhone’s screen.

A lock button also appears momentarily on your watch, which you can tap if you accidentally unlocked your iPhone. If you tap ‘Lock’, you’ll need to use your passcode to unlock your iPhone the next time you want to do so.

As you’ll see, despite there being a lot of conditions to be aware of, I’ve seen it work consistently even when Face ID with a mask is also enabled in ‘Settings > Face ID & Passcode on my iPhone’ and Face ID doesn’t work for me. recognize immediately.

Unlock your Apple Watch from an iPhone

In the opposite direction, it is also possible to use the iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch. In the Watch app, go to ‘Passcode’ and enable the ‘Unlock with iPhone’ option.

If you just wear your watch on your wrist or if it’s locked for another reason, unlocking your iPhone in close proximity to your watch will also unlock your watch. Your iPhone will briefly display a message with a lock button that you can tap to cancel the operation.

This feature appeared early on with the Apple Watch, so early that Apple didn’t document when it was first available. Currently, you can use it with any watch and iPhone that are paired with each other.

Unlock a Mac from an Apple Watch

In 2016, Apple updated macOS to allow the ability to unlock a Mac laptop through the presence of a nearby Apple Watch. It works with any Watch model and most Mac models with versions of macOS released since late 2016.

Your Apple Watch and Mac must be signed in with the same Apple ID, and two-factor authentication must be enabled on your Apple ID account.

To configure it, go to ‘System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General’ and check that the option ‘Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac’ is checked.

Enter your management password. macOS then communicates with your watch, which must be unlocked and worn on your wrist to fully enable the feature.

Unlock your iPhone with macOS 13 Ventura

With the advent of macOS 13 Ventura, you may be prompted to turn on the unlock feature, as you did after enabling it on a different Mac where the computer was still running macOS 12 Monterey.

To enable it, go to ‘System Settings > Touch ID & Passcodes’ and enable the feature on the Apple Watch.

The next time your Mac is locked, simply being nearby while wearing your watch will unlock macOS. Please note that it only works for unlocking, not for login.

You’ll need to enter your Mac account password either after you’ve restarted your Mac, started it when you shut it down or entered sleep or hibernation mode.

Password or using Touch ID

This feature also allows you to use your watch instead of entering a password or using Touch ID on Macs equipped with the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID. The watch will use a haptic reaction to get your attention and then ask you to double-click the side button to approve it.

As a security measure, you should know that Apple does not allow you to unlock your Mac if you have it in screen-sharing mode.

Apple advises that you can check if this feature will be supported by your Mac by holding down the ‘Option’ key and choosing ‘System Information’ with Wi-Fi enabled.

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